Overview of APS Coding in the Text

There are specific codes that were developed for APS to denote special constructions or abbreviations. It is sometimes necessary to change how an author has styled this particular term to how APS styles it. For example, Po2 (po2 code) can be written by the authors as pO2 or pO2. See Resources section for a table detailing how a special term should appear in print (at proof stage), the commonly used definition of the construct, and its code.

Using the Toolkit

There are several codes that are added by the Toolkit itself when you use the Prepit function before editing the text. These include the fgc[*] and tbc[*] codes for the figure and table callouts. As you edit the text, make sure that all figures and tables have callouts and that they are cited in chronological order in the text.

For any other codes that you may need, including special construction codes, you can use the button in Stickit or, if you know the code you want to use, you can type it in yourself. Typing Ctrl and < at the same time will result in and Ctrl and > at the same time results in (for the code indicator); you can also type in the alphanumeric part of the code and then use the function in Stickit to create the given code.