Overview of APS Style of the Text

Change all British spellings to American spellings; do not alter the References.

APS does not italicize Latin phrases used to denote experimental conditions (for example, in vivo, ex vivo, in situ, etc.).

All abbreviations are written out and then followed by the abbreviation (in parentheses) at their first mention in the abstract, text, first figure legend, and first table legend, respectively.

Terms or phrases may be used within quotation marks. At the second mention of the exact term/phrase, however, the quotation marks are removed.

Be aware of the use of present tense and past tense; sometimes authors tend to switch back and forth between things that were done in the past (like the experiments they are presenting in the paper) with active processes (like what compounds actually do). They are not always correct in their usage of tense, and that may have to be corrected.

In scientific writing, the use of passive voice is common and, in many cases, preferred.

References are cited as numbers within parentheses and are not superscripted. If multiple references are cited, they are in chronological order within the parentheses and separated by commas.

All figures and tables must be cited in the text in chronological order.