This section describes everything that you, as a Copy Editor, need to know so that you can format a manuscript for publication, presented according to the relevant portion of the article. This includes an explanation as to the purpose that each portion of the article serves in relation to the paper as a whole, specific details and basic information about the part of the article, how to format each portion (both manually and using the Toolkit), and a discussion of things to be aware of during the formatting process. Whenever possible, the actual formatting codes as well as pertinent examples are provided.

The overview uses the format found in regular papers; additional information regarding the differences between the style of regular papers and those of specific types can be found in Special Cases. If you are unfamiliar with how specific types of journal articles should be styled, it is helpful to look in past journal issues or consult with another Copy Editor.

This overview also assumes that you have a workable electronic version of the manuscript available. This can be downloaded from RPM (preferred) or from APSCentral. The formatting discussion itself begins after you have downloaded the manuscript, initialized the APS Toolkit, renamed the document using the APS manuscript number, and run the Cleanup function of the Toolkit on the document.