Sample Book Reference

Here is the general form used, with coding, fonts, and punctuation included:



tTitle of subsection. In: Title of Book (ed.), edited by Editor(s). City, State or Country: Publisher, year, sect., vol., pt., chapt., p. page range.

If the editor is the author, here is the general form used:



t(editor). Title of subsection. In: Title of Book (ed.). City, State or Country: Publisher, year, vol., chapt., p. page range.

Here are a few examples (with many different idiosyncrasies):


aChapman G, Cleese J, Gilliam T, Idle E, Jones T, and Palin M

t(editors). Illustrated Guide to Monty Python. Bristol, UK: Python (Monty), 1972, vol. 3, chapt. 2, p. 57-89.



aTolkien JRR.

tThe Fellowship of the Ring. London: Ballantine, 1981.



aTycho X and Gabe Y.

tPenny Arcade (2nd ed.), edited by Brenda A and Kara B. Seattle, WA: WebComix, 2003.



aWaterson B.

tPrologue to a comic. In: Calvin and Hobbes Rocks. New York: WriteMore Univ. Press, 1999, chapt. 1, p. 2-15.

Basic Information

Not all parts of the general forms of a book reference have to be included in the citation. However, if you feel that something is missing, do not hesitate to query the author and request additional information.

Note the use of "In:" before the book title if the citation is for an article in a book.

Publication locations are complex. If the location is within the United States, then the specific state should be cited, with the exception of New York (everyone knows where that is). If the location is not within the US, then the specific country is cited unless it is a well-known international city (like London or Tokyo).

Delete the words "Press" from publisher's name unless it is a university press.

Delete the words "Company" or "Limited" from the publisher's name.

Delete initial from a publisher's name (e.g., change W. B. Saunders to Saunders).

Reference Style for the Handbook of Physiology

APS publishes handbooks with articles detailing specific elements of physiology. Sometimes authors cite these handbooks, and they rarely accurately provide all the information in the proper format. Fortunately, because APS is the publisher, you have access to all the information and can properly cite the reference for them. This is the general form used:


aChapter Author(s).

tTitle of chapter. In: Handbook of Physiology. Section Title. Volume Title. City, State: Am. Physiol. Soc., year, sect., vol., pt., chapt., p. page range.

Here is an example:


aGrinnel AD.

tSpecificity of neurons and their interconnections. In: Handbook of Physiology. The Nervous System. Cellular Biology of Neurons. Bethesda, MD: Am. Physiol. Soc., sect. 1, vol. I, pt. 2, chapt. 22, p. 803-854.