Tables give data, pure and sweet. At this point in time, APS still hand edits all tables. When you format a manuscript, delete all tabular information. The process of hand editing a table is given in APS House Style.

Basic Information

Tables are called out in the text at their first mention using the «tbc[*]» code, where [*] is the number of the table, just before the numeral of the table, for example, "see Table «tbc1»1." This can also be used for citations for multiple tables, for example, "see Tables «tbc1»1 and «tbc»2."

A Note on Changing Tables to Figures

Sometimes the information presented in a table is too complex for standard APS style formatting. If this occurs, then the table can be made into a figure. This requires you to renumber all figures and tables so that numerical order is followed; don't forget to do this in the text! This also requires a consultation with the Art department so that they can format the new "figure" and upload it to the Cadmus ftp site.