Using the Toolkit

The APS Toolkit is a wonderful, wonderful thing. We love it! It is also vital for our work. The following section discusses a little about the Toolkit and how to use it; our Web Editor (Michael Gentry) was the creator of the Toolkit, and the person to go to for the ultimate answers regarding its use.

There are two portions of the Toolkit that can be placed on the MS Word taskbar: Stickit and ABRA. The use and ability to put them in the taskbar is an important device designed to save time and minimize coding errors. The Stickit bar contains most of the codes necessary for the basic formatting of the manuscript. Clicking on each button results in the insertion of the code. ABRA contains tools to aid in other types of document formatting, as follows:

Table. Stickit symbols and functions.


Inserts double angle brackets around selected text.
Inserts an author query, which can be selected from a menu or typed.
Inserts a special character from a selected set of symbols.
Changes all italic text in the document to red.
Highlights all codes in green.
A glossary of codes for reference; selecting a code automatically inserts it.
Inserts code indicating the start of a paragraph.
Inserts code for superscripted negative one (very useful for units).
Pulldown menu that allows the coding for header levels 1-4.

For any code that you may need, including special construction codes, you can type it in yourself. Typing Ctrl and < at the same time will result in , while Ctrl and > at the same time results in (for the code indicator); you can also type in the alphanumeric part of the code and then use the function in Stickit to create the given code.