The purpose of this manual is to provide APS Copy Editors and Journal Supervisors with a handbook and reference source as to how to format and style APS journal articles. It is designed so that it can be used either as a hard copy or online. It was written in such a way as to reflect the most current formatting and styling conventions used in our articles while allowing freedom for individual Copy Editors to express their individual editing style as well as to accommodate the constantly shifting use of the English language, particularly as it relates to scientific literature.

It is anticipated that this manual will be an invaluable source of information for new Copy Editors during their training stage. In addition, it will also streamline the editing process for established Copy Editors and Journal Supervisors by clarifying APS policies and presenting new or different ways of formatting and styling articles. Finally, there are new and updated resources available as supplemental materials, including Toolkit codes, revised and updated Abbreviation lists, and detailed descriptions of cellular theory and biological techniques.