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British vs. American Spellings

APS journals follow the spelling rules of American English. British spellings must be corrected in text (however, leave unchanged in references or quotations from British sources). The most frequently encountered spelling differences are British "ae" or "oe" instead of American "e"; "-re" instead of "-er"; "-ise" instead of "-ize"; and "-our" instead of "-or". Some substance names may also differ; e.g., adrenaline (Br.) instead of epinephrine (Amer.). Follow Webster's for general spelling or Stedman's for the medical terms.

British American
anaesthesia anesthesia
analyse analyze
artefact artifact
behaviour behavior
centre center
characterise characterize
colour color
labelled labeled
litre liter
metre meter
modelled modeled
neurone, neurones neuron, neurons
sulphur sulfur
trivialise trivialize
oedema edema
oesophagus esophagus

For words with double consonants ("ll", "tt", etc.), use the first (preferred) spelling in Webster's.

Do not change British spelling in affiliations, address for reprints, and other title page information, or in references from British, Canadian, or European journals. However, if a foreign author uses British spelling in a known American journal, correct it.

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last edited 07/30/03