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Reference Style for the Handbook of Physiology

Titles for the Handbook of Physiology always have three parts: series, section, and volume. If the section or volume title is not included, then complete the title based on the information shown below. If these pages do not supply an answer, query the author.

City of publication is always Bethesda, MD unless otherwise noted.

The order of information after the publisher is year, section, volume, part, chapter, and page range. Year, section, volume, and page range must be stated. If part and chapter are missing, do not query, but do not delete if supplied.

Baker BL. Functional cytology of the hypophysial pars distalis and pars intermedia. In: Handbook of Physiology. The Nervous System. Intrinsic Regulatory Systems of the Brain. Bethesda, MD: Am Physiol Soc, 1986, sect. 1, vol. IV, chapt. 3, p. 45-80.

Section and Volume Titles

Section 1: The Nervous System.
vol. I. Parts 1 & 2. Cellular Biology of Neurons. 1977.
vol. II. Parts 1 & 2. Motor Control. 1981.
vol. III. Parts 1 & 2. Sensory Processes. 1984.
vol. IV. Intrinsic Regulatory Systems of the Brain. 1986.
vol. V. Parts 1 & 2. Higher Functions of the Brain. 1987.

Section 2: The Cardiovascular System.
vol. I. The Heart. 1979. Revised 2001.
vol. II. Vascular Smooth Muscle. 1980.
vol. III. Parts 1 & 2. Peripheral Circulation and Organ Blood Flow. 1983.
vol. IV. Parts 1 & 2. Microcirculation. 1984.

Section 3: The Respiratory System.
vol. I. Circulation and Nonrespiratory Functions. 1985.
vol. II. Parts 1 & 2. Control of Breathing. 1986.
vol. III. Parts 1 & 2. Mechanics of Breathing. 1986.
vol. IV. Gas Exchange. 1987.

Section 4: Environmental Physiology. vols. 1 & 2. 1996.

Section 5: Adipose Tissue. 1965.

Section 6: The Gastrointestinal System.
vol. I. Parts 1 & 2. Motility and Circulation. 1989.
vol. II. Neural and Endocrine Biology. 1989.
vol. III. Salivary, Gastric, Pancreatic, and Hepatobiliary Secretion. 1989.
vol. IV. Intestinal Absorption and Secretion. 1991.

Section 7: Endocrinology.
vol. I. Endocrine Pancreas. 1972.
vol. II. Female Reproductive System. 1973.
vol. III. Thyroid. 1974.
vol. IV. Parts 1 & 2. The Pituitary Gland and Its Neuroendocrine Control. 1974.
vol. V. Male Reproductive System. 1975.
vol. VI. Adrenal Gland. 1975.
vol. VII. Parathyroid Gland. 1976.

NOTE: Section 7 was totally revised from 1998 to 2001. Alternate citations appear as follows:

Section 7: The Endocrine System.
vol. I. Cellular Endocrinology. 1986.
vol. II. The Endocrine Pancreas adn Regulation of Metabolism. 2001.
vol. III. Endocrine Regulation of Water and Electrolyte Balance. 2000.
vol. IV. Coping With the Environment: Neural and Endocrine Mechanisms. 2001.
vol. V. Hormonal Control of Growth. 1999.

Section 8: Renal Physiology. vols. I & II. 1992.

Section 9: Reactions to Environmental Agents. 1977.

Section 10: Skeletal Muscle. 1983.

Section 11: Aging. 1995.

Section 12: Exercise: Regulation and Integration of Multiple Systems. 1996.

Section 13: Comparative Physiology. 1997.

Section 14: Cell Physiology. 1997.

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