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Publisher Locations

Publishers in the U.S. must always include city and state in the reference, except for New York. Even publishers with the state name in their title require the state name listed separately as part of the publisher's location.

Morgantown, WV: West Virginia University Press.

The following foreign cities do not require an accompanying country name:

Amsterdam Geneva Prague
Basel Leningrad Quebec
Berlin London Rome
Bern Madrid Stockholm
Brussels Moscow The Hague
Budapest New Delhi Tokyo
Copenhagen Oslo Toronto
Dublin Paris Vienna
Edinburgh Beijing Warsaw

All other foreign cities of publication must include the country.

List of Publishers with Locations

Strong consolidation trends among publishers in the 1990s caused many name changes. For current names, check the publishers' website, if available. For older publications, always follow the citation. If you discover an error or discrepancy in this list, contact the Web Copy Editor.

AAAS  Washington, DC
Abakon  Berlin
Ablex  Norwood, NJ
Academic  New York; London; Orlando, FL (after 1984); Sydney, Australia
Acta  Montreal, Canada
Addison-Wesley  Reading, MA (before 1970); Menlo Park, CA (after 1970)
Adriatica  Bari, Italy
Akademiai Kiadò  Budapest
Akademische  Leipzig, Germany; Wiesbaden, Germany
Aldine  Chicago, IL
Allen & Unwin  London
Almqvist & Wiksell  Stockholm
American Chemical Society  Washington, DC
American Mathematical Society  Providence, RI
AMA (American Medical Association)  Chicago, IL
American Society of Agricultural Engineers St. Joseph, MI
Annual Reviews Palo Alto, CA
Ann Arbor Science Ann Arbor, MI
Appleton  New York
Appleton-Century Crofts  New York
Arco  New York
Arnold  London
Arrowsmith  Bristol, UK
Arscia  Brussels
Athlone  London
Aulendorf  Bern
Avi  Westport, CT
Axon  Grosse Point Park, MI
Balkema  Cape Town, South Africa
Balliere  Paris
Balliere, Tindal, & Cox  London
Barnes & Noble New York
Basic New York
Bermann  Munich, Germany
Benjamin New York (before approx. 1975); Menlo Park, CA (after 1975)
Benjamin/Cunnings  Menlo Park, CA
Birkhäuser  Basel; Boston, MA
BI-Science Webster  Groves, MO
Blackwell  Oxford, UK
Blakiston  New York
Boehringer Ingelheim  Elmsford, NY
Bowker  New York
Braumuller  Vienna; Leipzig, Germany
Brockhaus  Leipzig, Germany
Brooks-Cole  Belmont, CA
Brown University Press  Providence, RI
Bunge  Utrecht, The Netherlands
Burman & Schwarzenburg  Munich, Germany
Butterworths  London; Seattle, WA; Boston, MA; New York
Cambridge University Press London; Cambridge, UK; New York
Cattell Lancaster, PA
Chapman & Hall London; New York
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Germany
Carey & Hart Philadelphia, PA
Christophers London; New York
Churchill Livingstone New York; London; Edinburgh
Claitor's Baton Rouge, LA
Clarendon Oxford, UK
Classics Medical Library Birmingham, AL
CNRS Lyons, France
Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Columbia University Press New York
Congressprint Vienna
Cornell University Press New York
CRC (Chemical Rubber Company Press) Cleveland, OH; Boca Raton, FL
Croom Helm London
CSIC Madrid
Czech Academy Science Prague
Dahlen Berlin
Dalhousie University Press Halifax, Canada
Davis Philadelphia, PA
Dawson London
de Gruyter Berlin; New York
Dekker New York
Dorsey Homewood, IL
Doubleday New York
Dover New York
Dowden, Hutchinson &Ross Stroudsburg, PA
Draeger New York
Dutton New York
Duxbury N. Scituate, MA
Eden Montreal, Canada
El Ateneo Buenos Aires
Elsevier Amsterdam; New York
Elsevier/North-Holland Amsterdam; New York; Oxford, UK
Engleman Leipzig, Germany
Erlbaum Hillsdale, NJ
Excerpta Medica Amsterdam; New York
FADL Copenhagen
Fischer Jena, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Stuttgart, Germany; New York
Fitzer Frankfurt, Germany
Freeman San Francisco, CA
Futura Mount Kisco, NY
(Aulo) Gaggi Bologna, Italy
Garland New York
Geigy Basel
Gordon & Breach London
Granada St. Albans, UK
Green London
Grosse Berlin
Grune & Stratton New York
Guilford New York
Haer Institute for Electrophysiological Research Brunswick, MA
Hafner New York
Halsted New York
Harper & Row New York
Harvard University Press Cambridge, MA
Heineman London
Heinemann London
Hippokrates Stuttgart, Germany
Hodder & Stoughton London
(Paul B.) Hoeber New York
Hodges & Smith Dublin
Holden-Day San Francisco, CA
Holt, Rinehart, & Winston New York
Horwood Chichester, UK
(Hans) Huber Bern, Toronto
Humana Clifton, NJ
Human Kinetics Champaign, IL
Hutchinson Stroudsburg, PA
Igaku Shoin Tokyo; New York
Illinois Institute for Technogical Research Chicago, IL
Indiana University Press Bloomington, IN
Instrument Society of America Pittsburgh, PA
Interscience London
Interstate Danville, IL
Iowa State University Press Ames, IA
ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) Philadelphia, PA
Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore, MD
Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation New York
Junk The Hague
Karger Basel
Karolinska Institutet Stockholm
Kemper Groningen, The Netherlands
Kodansha Tokyo
Ladd Research Industries Burlington, VT
Lea & Febiger Philadelphia, PA
Le Seuil Paris
Lewis London
Lippincott Philadelphia, PA
Liss New York
Little, Brown Boston, MA
Liviana Padua, Italy
Livingstone London
Lloyd-Luke London
Logos London
Longman London
Longman Canada Don Mills, Canada
Longmans Green London
Macmillan London; New York
Maloin Paris
Mandrich Munich, Germany
Masson New York; Paris
Merriam Springfield, MA
Methuen London
McGill University Press Montreal, Canada
McGraw-Hill New York
MTP (Medical Technical Press) Lancaster, UK; Hingham, MA
Minerva Medica Torino, Italy
MIT Press Cambridge, MA
Mosby St. Louis, MO
Munksgaard Copenhagen
Murby London
NASA Greenbelt, MD
National Committee on Poultry and Eggs Copenhagen
National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD
National Research Council (changed to National Academy of Sciences between 1979 and 1980) Washington, DC
Naval Underwater Systems Center New London, CT
Navchetan New Delhi
Newman London
Nijhoff The Hague; Boston, MA
North-Holland Amsterdam
Northwestern University Press Evanston, IL
Norton New York
NY Academy Science New York
Oldenbourg Munich, Germany
Oliver & Boyd Edinburgh; London
Oriel Aberdeen, UK
Oxford University Press London; New York; Oxford, UK
Palais-Royal Paris
Pergamon New York; Oxford, UK
Piccin Padua, Italy
Pickering London
Pierce Chemical Rockford, IL
Pitman London; Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK
Plenum New York
Port City Baltimore, MD
Praeger New York
Prentice-Hall Englewood Cliffs, NJ; London
Princeton University Press Princeton, NJ
Quin & Boden Rabway, NJ
Quintessence Tokyo
Raven New York
Rayburn New York
Reinhold New York; Washington, DC
Reynolds New York
RK-Trych Uppsala, Sweden
Roche Basel
Rockefeller University Press New York
Routledge London
Rutgers University Press Rutgers, NJ
Samson & Wallin Stockholm
Saunders Philadelphia, PA
Schenkman Cambridge, UK
Schattauer Stuttgart, Germany
Schuman New York
Schwabe Basel
Scott London
Scott, Foresman Glenview, IL
Scottish Academic Edinburgh
Scribner New York
Sector London
SEM O'Hare, IL
Shaw London
Sijthoff Leiden, The Netherlands
Sijthoff & Noordhoff Leiden, The Netherlands
Simulation Councils La Jolla, CA
Sinauer Sunderland, MA
Slack Thorofare, NJ
(Joseph) Smith London
Spartan Washington, DC
Spectrum New York
Springer-Verlag Berlin; Heidelberg, Germany; New York
Stanford University Press Stanford, CA
Stratton (Intercontinental Medical Book Company) New York
Swets & Zeitlinger Amsterdam, Lisse, The Netherlands
Symposia Specialists Miami, FL
Taniguchi Foundation Ibaraki, Japan
Taylor & Francis London
Thieme Leipzig, Germany; Stuttgart, Germany
Thomas Springfield, IL
Ulmer Stuttgart, Germany
Universitetsforlaget Oslo
Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) London
University Park Baltimore, MD
University of California Press Los Angeles; Berkeley
University of Chicago Press Chicago, IL
University of Delhi Press Delhi
University of Illinois Press Urbana, IL
University of Kentucky Press Lexington, KY
University of Michigan Press Ann Arbor, MI
University of Minnesota Press Minneapolis, MN
University of Nebraska Press Lincoln, NE
University of Pennsylvania Press Philadelphia, PA
University of Rochester Press Rochester, NY
University of Texas Press Austin, TX
University of Tokyo Press Tokyo
University of Washington Press Seattle; London
University of Western Ontario Press London, Canada
University of Wisconsin Press Madison, WI
Unwin London
Upjohn Kalamazoo, MI
Urban & Schwarzenberg Heidelberg, Germany; Baltimore, MD
US Government Printing Office Washington, DC
Vaillant-Carmanne Liege, Belgium
Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute New Delhi
Vandenhoeck Gottingen, Germany
Vanderbilt University Press Nashville, TN
Van Gorcum Amsterdam; Assen, The Netherlands
Van Nostrand Princeton, NJ
Van Nostrand Reinhold New York
Vincent Paris
Vital Raoul Lataste Cadillac, France
Washington State University Press Pullman, WA
Whitefriars London
Wiley-Interscience New York
Wiley-Liss New York
Williams & Wilkins Baltimore, MD
Winston Washington, DC
Wirsiers Oss, The Netherlands
Wissenschaftliche Stuttgart, Germany
Wistar Philadelphia, PA
Wolters-Noordhoff Groningen, The Netherlands
Worth New York
Wright Bristol, UK
Yale University Press New Haven, CT
Year Book Chicago, IL
Yorke New York

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