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Websites on this list may be "under construction," in a foreign language, or contain errors that prevent the page from being displayed. When searching for information to include in a manuscript, always use your judgment and query the author if there is any doubt. If you discover an error or discrepancy in this list, or if you discover a website not on this list, contact the Web Copy Editor.


21st Century Eloquence


Abbott Laboratories
ABCO Dealers, Inc.
Achilles USA
ACI Medical
Ackrad Laboratories, Inc.
Acme United Corporation, Medical Division
ACMI Circon
Action Products, Inc.
Acuson, Inc.
Adenna, Inc.
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems
Aesculap, Inc.
Alcon Surgical, Inc.
Aldrich Chemical Company
Alimed, Inc.
Allegiance Healthcare Corp.
Allied Healthcare
Alltech Associates, Inc.
Aloka Company, LTD.
American Endoscopy/Amersham Corp.
American Type Culture Collection
Apple Medical Corporation
Applied Cardiac Systems, Inc. (ACS)
Applied Imaging Corp.
Arrow International, Inc.
Arzco Medical Systems, Inc.
Atlas Surgical
AUTO SUTURE (French only)
AVECOR Cardiovascular, Inc.


Bard, Inc., C. R.
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Bayer Diagnostics
BBL Microbiology Systems/Becton Dickinson
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Becton Dickinson and Company
Beere Precision Medical Instruments, Inc.
Beltone Electronics Corporation
Bennett X-Ray Corporation
BioChem Pharma
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.
Bioject, Inc.
Bio-Logic Systems, Corp.
Bio-Lok International, Inc.
Bio-Med Devices, Inc.
Bio-Medicus, Inc.
Biomet, Inc.
Biomet, Inc.
Bio-Rad Laboratories Ltd.
Biosound, Inc.
Bird & Cronin Medical
Bird Life Design
Bivona Medical Technologies
Bledsoe Brace Systems
Boekel Scientific
Boston Scientific Corporation
Braintree Scientific, Inc.
Brasseler USA/Komer Medical
Braun Medical Inc.
Bristol-Myers Co.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical
Bruel & Kjaer Instruments, Inc.
Bruker Instruments
Burroughs Wellcome Co.


C. R. Bard, Inc.
C.B. Fleet Co., Inc.
Canon USA, Inc.
Carbomedics, Inc.
Cardiovascular Imaging Systems (CVIS)
Cardio-Vascular Innovations, Inc.
Cardio-Vascular Innovations, Inc.
Carolina Medical, Inc.
Carrington Laboratories, Inc.
Cavitron Surgical Systems, Inc./Valleylab, Inc.
Cavitron/Syntel Division/Alcon Surgical
Cell Robotics
Cetylite Industries, Inc.
Chiron Corporation
Cho-Pat, Inc.
Ciba Vision Corporation
Cincinnati Surgical Company
Circon ACMI
Circon Corporation
Clams Medical Systems, Inc.
Cliniex Medical Corporation
Clinimed, Inc.
COBE Laboratories, Inc. (Gambro BCT)
Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.
Coherent, Inc.
Color Max Technologies
Cook Incorporated
Cook Urological, Inc.
CooperSurgical, Inc.
CooperVision, Inc.
Cordis Corporation (Johnson & Johnson ultimate parent)
Core Dynamics, Inc.
Corometrics Medical System, Inc.
Corpak, Inc.
Coulter Corporation
Craft de Pak
Critikon, Inc.
Cryomedics, Inc./Cabot Medical Corp.
Custom Ultrasonics, Inc.
CVIS (Cardivascular Imaging Systems)/InterTherapy, Inc.


DAKO Corp.
Datascope Corp.
Davol, Inc.
Denison Orthopedic Appliance Corp.
Dentsply International, Inc.
Denver Biomaterials, Inc.
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
DeRoyal Industries. Inc.
Doran Instruments, Inc.
Dornier Medical Systems, Inc.
Dow Medical
Draeger, Inc. Critical Care Systems
DuPont Company
Dyonics, Inc./Smith & Nephew Dyonics, Inc.


EBI Medical Systems, Inc.
Electronic Catalog Corp.
Eli Lilly
Elmed, Inc.
Elscint. Inc.
Endo Direct. Inc.
Erie Scientific Co.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
Everest Medical Corp.
E-Z-EM, Inc.


Fenwal Electronics, Inc.
Fibra-Sonics, Inc.
Fischer Imaging Corporation
Fisher Scientific Co.
Flowtronics, Inc.
Freeman Manufacturing Company
Fresenius USA, Inc.
Fujinon, Inc.


Gambro BCT (formerly COBE BCT)
GE Medical Systems
Geiger Instrument Corp.
General Electric CGR USA
GIBCO Laboratories/Life Technologies, Inc.
Glaxo, Inc.
Global Medi-Tex, Inc.
Gomco/Allied Health Care Products, Inc.
Gore & Associates, Inc., W.L. (Gore-Tex)
Gould Instrument Systems, Inc.
Graham-Field, Inc.
Grass Instrument Co.
Guidant Corp.


Hemocue, Inc.
Hemostatix Corp.
Heraeus Lasersonics, Inc./Heraeus Surgical, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Co.
HGM Medical Laser Systems, Inc.
Hitachi Denshi America, Ltd.
Hitachi Instruments, Inc.
Ho1lister, Inc.
Hoffman-La Roche, Inc./Roche Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
Hologic, Inc.
Howmedica, Inc.
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Hybritech (USA)
Hyclone Laboratories, Inc.
Hydro-Med, Inc.


Imex Medical Systems, Inc. (now Nicolet Vascular, Inc.)
Immunotech Corp.
Inamed Corp.
Incstar Corp.
Infimed, Inc.
Intermedics Inc.
International Biomedical, Inc.
Interzeag Inc. USA
Invacare Corporation
Iovision, Inc.
Isotec Corporation (German only)
IVAC Corporation (IVAC Medical)
Ivalon, Inc. (Ivalon Surgical Products)


Jarit Instruments
Jay Medical Ltd. (now Rehab Designs, Inc.)
Johnson & Johnson


Kapp Surgical Instrument, Inc.
Katena Products, Inc.
Kendall Co.
Kerr Corporation
Keymed, Inc.
Kinamed, Inc.
Kirwan Surgical Products, Inc.
Kleen Test Products Co. (Meridian Industries)
KMI, Inc.
Kodak Company
Kontron Instruments, Inc.
Kowa Optimed, Inc.
Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.


Labconco Corp.
Larkotex Company
Laser Photonics, Inc.
LDB Enterprises, Ltd.
Leibinger L.P.
Leisegang Medical, Inc.
Leisure Lift
Lenox Hill Brace Co., Inc.
Life Medical Technologies, Inc. (Life Medical Equipment)
Life Support Products, Inc. (Allied Healthcare)
Life-Tech, Inc.
Link America, Inc.
Linvatec Corporation
LKB Diagnostics, Inc./Wallace, Inc.
LKC Technologies, Inc.
Lone Star Medical Products
Lorenz Surgical, Walter
Lukens Medical Corp.
Lumiscope Company, Inc.
Luther Medical Products, Inc.
Luxtec Corp.


M.E. Meditek Co., Ltd.
Machida, Inc.
Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc.
Mansfield/Boston Scientific Corp.
Maramed Orthopedic Systems
Marlow Surgical Technologies, Inc.
Marquette Electronics Inc., (USA)
Maxxim Medical
Mead Johnson & Company
Medical Devices International
Medical Graphics Corporation
Medical Innovations Corporation
Meditron Devices, Inc.
Medix Biotech, Inc.
Medline Industries, Inc.
Medrad, Inc.
Medtronic Heart Valves, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.
MegaDyne Medical Products, Inc.
Mennen Medical Corp.
Mentor Corp.
Meridian Industries
Merlyn Pharmaceuticals
Merocel Corporation
Micro-Aire Surgical Instruments, Inc.
Microtek Medical, Inc.
Microvasive/Boston Scientific Corp.
Midas Rex Pneumatic Tools
Midmark Corporation
Miles, Inc., Diagnostics Division
Milex Products, Inc.
Millar Instruments, Inc.
Mill-Rose Laboratories, Inc.
Miltex Instrument Co., Inc.
Minntech Corporation
Minntech Corporation
Mityvac/Neward Enterprises, Inc.
MMI, Inc.
Moss Tubes, Inc.


Nalge Nunc International
Narco Bio-Systems, Inc.
Natvar Company (now Plastron)
NDL Products
Nellcor, Inc. (formerly Akcess Med-Prods., Inc.)
Nelson Analytical
Ney Company, J. M.
Nichols Institute
Nicolet Vascular
Nihon Kohden (America), Inc.
Nikon Inc., Instrument Group
Nomos Corporation
Nordic Track
Nova Biomedical Corporation
Nova Ortho-Med, Inc.
Novo Industri A/S
Nuaire, Inc.


Oculus of America/Insight Instruments, Inc.
OEM Medical
Ohio Medical Instrument Co., Inc.
Ohmeda (Datex-Ohmeda)
Olympus America,.Inc.
Onyx Medical Corp.
Optima Worldwide, Ltd.
Orion Medical Products, Inc.
Ormco Corp.
Ortho Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
Ortho Med, Inc.
Orthoband Company, Inc.
Osada Electric Co., Inc.
Osteotech, Inc.
Ote Biomedica
Oto-Med, Inc.
Oxboro Medical, Inc.


Padgett Instruments, Inc.
Palco Laboratories
Pall Biomedical Products Company
Pall Gelman Laboratory
Palumbo Orthopaedics
Pascal Company, Inc.
Peace Medical (Global Medi-Tek, Inc.)
Pentax Precision Instrument Corp.
PerkinElmer Corp.
Philips Medical Systems North America
Phoenix Biomedical Corp.
Physitemp Instruments, Inc.
Picker International Inc., Health Care
Pie Medical USA
Pilling Weck, Inc.
Pioneer Medical, Inc.
PLC Medical Systems
PML Microbiologicals
PMT Corp.
Polaroid Corp. Medical Products
Polaron Instruments, Inc./Bio-Rad, Microscience Division
Poly Scientific R&D Corp.
Poly Vac, Inc.
Popper & Sons, Inc.
Pozzi Dental Products
Precision Medical, Inc.
Premier Dental Products Co.
Proctor & Gamble
Propper Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Puritan Bennett Corp. (Nellcor Puritan Bennett)
PyMaH Corp. (Acquired by 3M in 1996)


Quinton Instrument Co.


Ramvac Corporation
Ranfac Corporation
Rehab Designs, Inc. (formerly Jay Medical Ltd.)
Ricca Chemical Company
RJL Systems, Inc.
Roche Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
Rocky Mountain/Orthodontics
Roho, Inc.
Ross Laboratories
Ross Products Division
Rusch, Inc.
Rush-Berivon, Inc.


Sanderson-Macleod, Inc.
Sandhill Scientific, Inc.
Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corporation (now Novartis )
Sargent-Welch Scientific Co.
Sarns, 3M Health Care
Scanlan International, Inc.
Schering-Plough Corporation
Schlueter Instruments, Corp.
Schneider (USA), Inc. (Boston Scientific subsidiary)
Schott Fibre Optics, Inc.
SciMed Life Systems (Boston Scientific)
Searle & Co., G.D./Buchler Instruments (Labconco)
Sechrist Industries, Inc.
Seitz Corporation
SensorMedics Corp.
Shandon Lipshaw, Inc.
Sharplan Lasers, Inc.
Sharpoint/Surgical Specialties Corp.
Sherwood Medical Company
Shimadzu Precision Instr. Inc./ Med. Systems
Shippert Medical Technologies Corp.
Siemens Corporation
Siemens Elema
Sigma Diagnostics
Sil-Med Corporation
Sklar Instrument Company
Smith & Nephew
SmithKline Beecham
Sodem Systems
Sofamer Danek Group
Sola Optical USA Inc./Sola Ophthalmics
Sontec Instruments, Inc.
Sony Electronics, Inc., Medical Systems
SpaceLabs Medical, Inc.
Sparta Surgical Corp.
Spectrum Surgical Instruments Co.
Spencer Technologies
St. Jude Medical Co.
Star Guide Corp.
Stephens Instruments, Inc.
Stortz Instrument Company
Stryker Corp., Medical Division
Stubbs C., Inc., Frank
Sulzer Carbomedics, Inc.
Sumitomo Electric USA
Sun-Med, Inc.
Surgilase, Inc.
Surgitex Int'l. Corp. of America (Color Max Technologies)
Sutler Corp.
Sybron Corp.
Synectic Engineering, Inc.


Taut, Inc.
Tava Surgical Instruments
Teledyne, Inc.
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Texas Medical Products, Inc.
Thomas Scientific
Tidi Products Inc., National
Toolmex Corporation
Topcon America Corporation
Toshiba America Medical Systems
Trimedyne, Inc.
Truform Orthotics & Prosthetics
Tulip Company, The
Tyco International


U.S. Endoscopy Group
United States Catheter & Instrument Co./Bard Inc. (USCI)
Urocare Products, Inc.
USCI (United States Catheter and Instrument Co./Bard, Inc.)


Valley Forge Scientific Corp.
Valleylab, Inc.
Velcro USA, Inc.
Veratex Corporation
Vicon Industries, Inc.
Victoreen, Inc.
Vingmed U.S.A.
Vision Sciences
Visitec Company
Vistec, Inc.
Visx, Inc.
Vital Signs, Inc.
Volk Optical
Vygon Corp.


Wampole Laboratories
Weck & Co., Inc., Edward
Weck Instruments
Weck Instruments
Weidmann Plastics Technology
Welch A1lyn, Inc.
Wells Johnson Co.
Whittaker Bioproducts, Inc./BioWhittaker, Inc.
Wilson Cook Medical, Inc.
Wisap USA
Wright Medical Technologies
Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Inc.


Ximed Medical Systems
Ximed Medical Systems
Xomed Surgical Products


Zeiss, Inc., Carl
Zimmer, Inc.
Zinnanti Surgical Instruments
Zoll Medical Corp.

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