Common Mathematic Variables

This information is meant to be a guide as to whether a given variable should be italicized or not and to help provide you with its most common definition. Query the author to verify the definition of any author-undefined variable.

Entries highlighted in yellow do not require explicit definition in a manuscript.

Variable Common Definition
Variables that should be set in Roman type
α statistic
β binding coefficient
δ derivative
ε strain
μ viscosity
ν velocity
σ stress
τ time constant
b binding coefficient
C concentration
d derivative
D diffusion
F flow, fraction, force, fluorescence
I intensity
P pressure
T temperature
V volume, consumption
W work
Variables that should be italicized
A area, amplitude, absorbance
C compliance, capacitance, circumference
d diameter
e exponent
E elastance, potential
f function, flux, frequency
F Faraday's constant
g conductance
G conductance
h height
i general variable
I current
j flux, general variable
J flux
k constant
K constant
l length
m slope, mass
n number
N number
P probability
r statistic, radius
R statistic, resistance, gas constant
t time
v velocity
V velocity, voltage
w width
x general variable, axis
y general variable, axis
z axis, ion valence
Z impedence